The Charm of Intimacy: Why Small Wedding Catering is a Big Deal

Catering an intimate wedding is not just about food. It's about stories, emotions, connections, and memories. It's a celebration of love, artfully expressed through culinary craftsmanship.
Catering an intimate wedding is not just about food. It's about stories, emotions, connections, and memories. It's a celebration of love, artfully expressed through culinary craftsmanship.

In recent times, there's been a notable shift in wedding trends. The grand ballroom affairs, once the dream for many, are now often replaced by intimate gatherings of close family and friends. Especially in charming locales like Charlotte, North Carolina, these small ceremonies bring about a new focus on personalization, particularly when it comes to catering. And here lies the essence of this article: understanding why, in the realm of intimate weddings, catering becomes a monumental player in the narrative.

The Allure of Intimate Weddings

There's a growing desire among couples to curate a wedding experience that feels deeply personal, genuine, and warm. Amidst changing global circumstances, with many realizing the profound value of close-knit relationships, the grandeur of large gatherings seems to pale in comparison to the emotional depth a smaller ceremony offers. Let's take a look at some of the factors that fuel the move towards intimate weddings.


Traditional Weddings and Their Costs: The average traditional wedding can be a substantial investment, encompassing a multitude of expenses including the venue, catering for a large guest list, decor, entertainment, and more. From renting large venues to accommodating hundreds of guests, the costs quickly add up.

Micro Wedding Economics: Elopements and small weddings, by contrast, have a significantly smaller scale. This typically means renting a smaller venue or even choosing a free or low-cost location like a beach or park. There are fewer guests to cater to, which directly affects food, beverage, and seating costs. Moreover, the reduced scale often allows for more economical choices in decor and attire.

Future Financial Planning: By saving on wedding expenses, couples can redirect their funds to other life goals. This might mean a down payment on a house, a prolonged honeymoon, investments, or simply starting married life without the burden of wedding-related debt.


Quality over Quantity: A smaller guest list means that each attendee is likely someone very significant in the couple's life. This creates an atmosphere of warmth, where meaningful interactions are prioritized over fleeting exchanges.

Emotional Depth: With fewer distractions, couples can be more present, savoring each moment with their loved ones. The ceremonies are often more emotional, personal, and genuine, resonating deeply with everyone present.

Building Lasting Memories: An intimate setting often leads to more memorable and shared experiences among the attendees, creating lasting bonds and memories.

Flexibility in Planning:

Venue Choices: With fewer attendees, couples aren't restricted to large venues. This opens up a plethora of unique options such as quaint chapels, cozy beachside spots, backyard gardens, or even destination elopements in exotic locales.

Date Flexibility: Popular venues often require booking far in advance, especially for dates in the peak wedding season. With small weddings, there's more flexibility in choosing dates, potentially even benefiting from off-season discounts.

Reduced Logistics: Fewer guests mean simpler logistics. There's less coordination required for seating, transportation, accommodation, and other arrangements, making the planning process smoother.

Between budget, intimacy, and flexibility, there's little mystery as to why elopements and small weddings have gained enormous popularity of late. Sustainability can also be a big factor for many couples.

The Sustainability Angle

In today's eco-conscious world, the merits of smaller weddings extend beyond personal connections. Let's explore the palpable environmental benefits.

Environmental Impact:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Larger weddings often mean more guests traveling from different locations, which can contribute significantly to carbon emissions. With fewer guests in elopements and micro weddings, there's a considerable reduction in transportation-related emissions.

Resource Efficiency: Smaller weddings typically use fewer resources. Whether it's food, decor, or printed materials like invitations and programs, everything can be scaled down. This not only conserves resources but also minimizes the potential waste generated.

Mindful Consumption:

Waste Reduction: One of the significant challenges with large weddings is food waste. With fewer guests and more personalized planning, micro weddings can more accurately cater to the number of attendees, reducing the amount of leftover food. Additionally, decor and other materials can be optimized for minimal waste.

Sustainable Choices: With a smaller scale, couples often have the flexibility to make eco-conscious choices. This could mean opting for biodegradable decor, using digital invitations instead of paper, or choosing a sustainable venue like an eco-resort.

Long-term Sustainable Choices:

Investment in Quality: With fewer items to procure and less emphasis on grandiosity, couples can prioritize quality over quantity. Investing in higher quality items, which may be more sustainable and longer-lasting, becomes feasible. For instance, a couple might opt for a high-quality, ethically-made wedding dress that can be worn on other occasions rather than a one-time-use gown.

Honeymoon and Travel: Elopements or small weddings, especially those in destination settings, often blend the wedding and honeymoon. This combined approach can be more sustainable, reducing the need for multiple long trips and focusing on eco-friendly travel and accommodation options.

Supporting Local Economies:

Artisan and Handmade: A trend often seen in intimate weddings is the inclusion of artisanal and handmade elements, whether in decor, favors, or attire. These choices typically have a smaller environmental footprint than mass-produced items and often support small businesses and craftsmen.

Local Sourcing: Small weddings make it more feasible to source goods and services locally. From food and flowers to attire and entertainment, supporting local providers reduces transportation emissions and boosts the local economy. Carolina Gourmet’s commitment to buying local shines in this context. By sourcing local ingredients, we not only offer fresher, richer flavors but also support local farmers and businesses, further reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting ingredients long distances.

The Magnified Role of Catering in Smaller Weddings

In a setting where every attendee is a significant part of the couple's life journey, each aspect of the wedding becomes magnified. This is especially true for catering. Food, a universal language of love and celebration, assumes a central role. Guests at smaller weddings often anticipate a culinary experience that matches the intimate aura of the occasion. For caterers like Carolina Gourmet, this presents both an exciting opportunity and a profound responsibility.

Personalization at Its Best

Whether it's handwritten notes for each guest, custom-made favors, or interactive experiences, there's more room in a small wedding to incorporate elements that make your wedding uniquely yours. It goes the same for the food.

At Carolina Gourmet, we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke menus. Do you have a specific theme in mind? With a more manageable scale, couples can fully immerse their wedding in themes or narratives that are deeply personal, be it a shared hobby, a significant memory, or cultural elements. On top of that, the menu can be highly customized. Instead of catering to the masses, the dining experience can be meticulously crafted. From personalized dishes that tell a story to curated drinks that resonate with personal moments, the culinary aspect can be a highlight.

The process begins with understanding the couple — your story, tastes, and visions. Are you lovers of traditional Southern fare, or are you seeking a fusion of global flavors? Do you have cherished memories tied to a particular dish? Perhaps there's a family recipe you wish to incorporate? These insights allow us to create not just a menu, but a culinary narrative that reflects your story. From dishes celebrating local North Carolina flavors to innovative creations, the goal is to make the meal a memorable chapter in your love story.

Attention to Detail: The Carolina Gourmet Touch

For establishments like Carolina Gourmet, based in Charlotte, this magnified role in a micro wedding is not a daunting challenge but a welcomed canvas for creativity. Crafting a meal for a smaller gathering means each plate becomes a showcase of meticulous planning, passion, and culinary prowess. Chef Peter at Carolina Gourmet savours the opportunity to create dishes for intimate weddings — there's a deeper connection, a clearer understanding of preferences, and the gratifying sight of guests enjoying every morsel.

With over four decades of international "Michelin Star" level experience and a reputation that resonates throughout Charlotte and beyond, Carolina Gourmet stands as a testament to culinary excellence. Recognized for our commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability, our team, led by Chef Peter, strives toward creating intimate and heartfelt elopement and small wedding catering experiences. Our goal is to ensure your intimate wedding is a cherished moment for you and your partner. That is what truly defines our success.


In the tapestry of life, some moments stand out, shimmering with profound emotion and significance. An intimate wedding is one such moment. And in such moments, every thread — every decision, every detail — matters. Catering, in this context, is not just about food. It's about stories, emotions, connections, and memories. It's a celebration of love, artfully expressed through culinary craftsmanship.

If you're seeking to create a symphony of flavors, memories, and love for your special day in Charlotte, reach out to Carolina Gourmet. Let us turn your love story into a gourmet experience.

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