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Gourmet Office & Corporate Catering in Charlotte, NC

Fresh & Handcrafted. Personalized Corporate Catering in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Carolina Gourmet, where every meeting has a flavor. We are the leading catering company for all your office and corporate needs. ‍ We are honored to be one of the top corporate caterers in Charlotte, NC with over four decades of international 'Michelin Star' level experience; Carolina Gourmet can craft a sophisticated, fresh, and innovative menu that will elevate your office or corporate gatherings.

* Also Serving Lake Norman Area

Gourmet Corporate Catering in Charlotte, NC

Elevate your corporate events with Carolina Gourmet's exclusive catering services. We focus on your business needs, ensuring each dish reflects the professionalism and sophistication of your company. While Chef Peter's Michelin-starred background infuses each menu with unparalleled quality, our primary goal is to align with your corporate vision, creating a seamless and impressive culinary experience for your colleagues and guests.

Peter Olsacher presenting Carolina Gourmet Catering Services
Who Is Chef Peter?

A Legacy Of Culinary Excellence

Peter Olsacher, Carolina Gourmet's executive chef, brings over 40 years of culinary excellence to his role. Starting at Austria's Michelin-starred "Hotel Post," he furthered his craft in the Cayman Islands and Austria, where he earned a Michelin star at "Oscar." In Orlando, he served as a Corporate Executive Chef, winning 12 gold medals in major culinary competitions. Relocating to Mooresville, NC in 2020, he now offers at Carolina Gourmet, a wide range of catering services in Charlotte and Lake Norman as well as chef curated meals delivery and private chef services. All this to combine his rich experience with a passion for gourmet home dining.

Executive Chef at Carolina Gourmet
Our group hired Chef Peter to prepare a surprise gourmet dinner for my birthday one evening during our stay, and it was phenomenal! Stephanie transformed the dining table with her elegant, welcoming decor. Chef Peter prepared an array of amazing dishes utilizing local, seasonal ingredients for us to enjoy and we walked (waddled?) away from the table with full bellies and hearts. Chef Peter and Stephanie were extremely gracious and kind, providing both a delicious meal and special experience for our group that we will always remember. I cannot recommend Carolina Gourmet highly enough!

Kristin Holland

I highly recommend Carolina Gourmet!  I hired them for my sons rehearsal dinner and it could not have been better.  From the beginning of the process, Chef Peter was communicative, easy to work with, his staff professional and best of all the food was amazing. If you want a catered dinner that is fresh and homemade, not your typical catered meal, I would recommend Carolina Gourmet.

Kelly Hart

Absolutely fantastic! We had Peter cater the food for our engagement party and it was a huge hit. He planned out the right amount of food for the right amount of people and it was wonderful. His presentation was beautiful. The meatballs were delicious along with the shrimp, and polenta cakes.

Kelly Hart


Office & Corporate Catering

Professional catering for your business needs. At Carolina Gourmet, we recognize the importance of impeccable catering in a corporate setting. Our FAQs are designed to address your queries about our office and corporate catering services, ensuring your events are both successful and satisfying. For any specific requirements or questions not covered here, please contact us for tailored solutions.

How many guests can you serve?

Carolina Gourmet is specialized in office and corporate catering for intimate events and gatherings. We excel in creating personalized culinary experiences for groups fewer than 100, ensuring each event receives our full attention and the bespoke touch it deserves.

Can you cater to a wide range of dietary preferences for diverse office teams?

Definitely. We're experienced in accommodating a variety of dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring that every team member can enjoy a delicious, inclusive meal.

How do you ensure the timely delivery and setup for office events?

Punctuality is key in corporate settings. Our team is dedicated to ensuring timely delivery and efficient setup, so your event can proceed as scheduled without any interruptions.

Do you offer options for recurring corporate events?

Yes, we specialize in catering for recurring corporate events. We can create a rotating menu to keep your meetings and events exciting and varied, and we're equipped to handle everything from small team meetings to large corporate gatherings.

Looking for Corporate Catering That Wows?

Let us redefine your business events with our specialized corporate catering services. We’re committed to crafting unique, high-quality culinary experiences that align perfectly with the tone and prestige of your corporate meetings and events. Our focus is not just on providing food, but on enhancing your brand and impressing your guests with a touch of gourmet elegance in every dish.
We are a gourmet food catering service, specializing in creating exquisite culinary experiences for events and gatherings of up to 100 guests. Our offerings starts at $30 per plate, reflecting our commitment to using only quality ingredients and delivering Michelin-star service.
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