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Welcome to Carolina Gourmet, your premier choice for brunch catering in Charlotte, NC. Elevate your mornings with our exceptional flavors and sophisticated cuisine. At Carolina Gourmet, we specialize in turning your brunch gatherings into memorable culinary experiences. With over four decades of international 'Michelin Star' level expertise, our team in Charlotte is dedicated to crafting fresh, innovative, and delightful menus perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a casual meeting or an elegant professional event, let us bring the essence of gourmet brunch catering right to your doorstep.

* Also Serving Lake Norman Area

Brunch Catering: Elevating Your Mornings Gatherings

Transform your morning gatherings with Carolina Gourmet's exquisite brunch catering. We cater to the desires of your palate, bringing a blend of classic and contemporary flavors to your table. Chef Peter's culinary finesse enhances our offerings, but the spotlight remains on your preferences and the joy of sharing a gourmet brunch with friends, family, or colleagues. Experience a brunch that's tailored to your tastes and occasions, making every moment special.

Peter Olsacher presenting Carolina Gourmet Catering Services
Who Is Chef Peter?

A Legacy Of Culinary Excellence

Peter Olsacher, Carolina Gourmet's executive chef, brings over 40 years of culinary excellence to his role. Starting at Austria's Michelin-starred "Hotel Post," he furthered his craft in the Cayman Islands and Austria, where he earned a Michelin star at "Oscar." In Orlando, he served as a Corporate Executive Chef, winning 12 gold medals in major culinary competitions. Relocating to Mooresville, NC in 2020, he now offers at Carolina Gourmet, a wide range of catering services in Charlotte and Lake Norman as well as chef curated meals delivery and private chef services. All this to combine his rich experience with a passion for gourmet home dining.

Executive Chef at Carolina Gourmet
Our group hired Chef Peter to prepare a surprise gourmet dinner for my birthday one evening during our stay, and it was phenomenal! Stephanie transformed the dining table with her elegant, welcoming decor. Chef Peter prepared an array of amazing dishes utilizing local, seasonal ingredients for us to enjoy and we walked (waddled?) away from the table with full bellies and hearts. Chef Peter and Stephanie were extremely gracious and kind, providing both a delicious meal and special experience for our group that we will always remember. I cannot recommend Carolina Gourmet highly enough!

Kristin Holland

I highly recommend Carolina Gourmet!  I hired them for my sons rehearsal dinner and it could not have been better.  From the beginning of the process, Chef Peter was communicative, easy to work with, his staff professional and best of all the food was amazing. If you want a catered dinner that is fresh and homemade, not your typical catered meal, I would recommend Carolina Gourmet.

Kelly Hart

Absolutely fantastic! We had Peter cater the food for our engagement party and it was a huge hit. He planned out the right amount of food for the right amount of people and it was wonderful. His presentation was beautiful. The meatballs were delicious along with the shrimp, and polenta cakes.

Kelly Hart


Brunch & Breakfast Catering

Savor the flavors of the morning with us. At Carolina Gourmet, we know that a great brunch can be the highlight of any gathering. Our brunch catering FAQs are here to help you understand our unique offerings and services. From intimate family gatherings to larger festive brunches, we've got your questions covered. If there's something more you'd like to know, we're just a message away.

What is the ideal group size for your brunch catering services?

Our brunch catering is perfect for intimate gatherings as well as larger groups. We comfortably cater to events ranging from small family brunches of 10 guests to larger brunch parties of up to 100 people, ensuring a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere for all.

Can you accommodate early morning setups for brunch events?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of timely setup for brunch events. Our team is equipped to arrive and prepare early, ensuring everything is ready for your guests' arrival.

Do you provide brunch-themed beverages?

Yes, we offer a selection of brunch-themed beverages including mimosas, Bloody Marys, artisanal coffees, and a variety of teas. These can be tailored to suit the tone and style of your event.

What unique brunch items do you offer for catering?

At Carolina Gourmet, our brunch menu features a variety of unique and delightful dishes. From gourmet omelettes and artisanal pastries to savory quiches and custom pancake stations, we ensure your brunch event is memorable and satisfying.

In Search of the Perfect Brunch Catering Experience?

Elevate your brunch gatherings with Carolina Gourmet's exquisite catering services. We are passionate about turning your brunches into extraordinary events with our personalized, chef-curated menus. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal affair, our brunch catering is designed to delight your guests and make every moment a gourmet experience to cherish.
We are a gourmet food catering service, specializing in creating exquisite culinary experiences for events and gatherings of up to 100 guests. Our offerings starts at $30 per plate, reflecting our commitment to using only quality ingredients and delivering Michelin-star service.
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